Why work with me?

I’m an allround marketing communication professional but in my years of experience I’ve developed some specific skills:

1. I like to call myself a ‘practical strategist’ because I always go for the optimal connection between long term strategies, creativity and pragmatic daily plans and activities.

2. Target group age 15-25? I know them better than they know themselves 😉 after 10 years of experience in (international) youngster marketing communications.

3. Don’t let the pencils in my header fool you! Targeting mostly youngsters means being always up to date with the newest online developments, trends and social media.

4. Combined with long term experience in traditional media I’m skilled in creating cross-channel strategies.

5. Based in Italy but with deep knowledge of the Dutch and German market, culture and language.

6. Big team to build or big change to manage? Let me help you! I’ve directed a communications team of 27 in my last position.


Lonnie Holders