Why Milan lost EMA to Amsterdam

Last week (20/11/17) Milano lost ‘EMA’ to Amsterdam. Although the vote ended in a tie and eventually it came to a ‘toss of a coin’, emotions about ‘what went wrong’ are sky high here in Milan. A closer look at both #campaigns gives an interesting insight. Four major differences stand out to me:

1. City versus state, whereas #Milaan and #Lombardia had to fight this battle as local governments the Dutch campaigned as a country: netherlandsforema.eu versus emamilano.eu

2. Milan chose to promote mostly the greatness off the city, the food the lifestyle, etc. The Netherlands chose a focus on the (expected) needs of #EMA.

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3. Amsterdam can count on a strong regional cooperation of cities, provinces, business etc, in the so called AMA (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area). In Italy these kind of cooperation’s and ties don’t really exist.

4. Last but not least
Besides a website and brochure or ‘bidbook’, the #Dutch government sent an additional document signed by former ministers Koenders and Schippers + a confidential annex that stated strongly ‘not for publication’. I would love to know what was promised in this document.

So, what made the penny drop in the direction of Amsterdam, was it really just ‘one euro’? I leave the verdict to you.

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